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It would be helpful if you could provide a few short points about each of the following headings.


How would you describe the quality of accommodation during your first year of study?
Any advice for prospective students (which Halls to avoid/go for etc)?

Please indicate the most interesting/different topics you have covered this year. If possible expand on your answer.
How would you describe the level of difficulty of the work you have done so far?
How much work do you have per week?
If you are studying a subject that you took at A2, how well did A2 prepare you for degree level?
What is the social (sporting/entertainment) scene like at your University?
Words of wisdom!
What advice would you give to current Year 13s?
We are hoping to set up a 'buddy' system in which Year 13 St Neots Sixth Form students could have direct contact
with ex Longsands students who are doing a course in which Year 13 are interested. If you are happy to take
part in this scheme, please tick this box:
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